How to learn Film songs well?

Posted by Pratibha Sarathy on 5 Oct 2017

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Light Music or Film Music is a rather versatile genre of music. So there are several elements at play which vary from song to song. Let's dig deeper and understand some of the main things to watch out for while we learn a song.

1. Choose the right pitch - First check the highest and lowest note of the song and compare it with your vocal range. If the song goes beyond your range, then choose a pitch that makes the entire song fall within your comfortable range. It's not mandatory to sing a song at the original scale, but try not to change it drastically as it may affect the feel of the song.

2. Identify the emotion of the song and observe the modulations used to convey that emotion. For example a happy and bubbly song may need more straight notes with brisk movements, whereas a soulful song may require more draggy and subtle modulations with some vibrato.

3. Learn the song's tune first by humming or akaram. Avoid singing the lyrics while you learn the tune. Wherever you are doubtful, try to convert the line into swaras so that you grasp the tune perfectly. Remember to pay attention to each and every note in the song. It's quite common for singers to listen to the basic tune and make assumptions about the rest.

4. Identify the challenging parts of the song. It could be a fast brigha, or a long vibrato, or a difficult breathing pattern. Try to slow down these parts and practice them separately several times. Some challenges are specific to that particular song, where as some others are more generic and may require further voice training for you to overcome it. A professional trainer can help you identify and work on these challenges.

5. Always be aware of the rhythm while you sing. It's a good practice to tap on your hands or feet when you sing. Try to find out exactly which syllable falls on which beat of the cycle. This will help you sing easily with karaoke or accompanying instruments without losing beat.