Pratibha Music (OPC) Private Limited follows differential pricing based on the customer's location. Customers are segmented as
1. Indian Residents
2. Non Indian Residents

Fee charged for Indian residents is different from that of Non Indian residents, due to the competitive rates prevalant in the respective country.

Within each of these segments (Indian and NRI), classes are further segmented under 4 pricing packages based on class duration and day type.

1. Weekday (mon-fri) 40 minute class
2. Weekday(mon-fri) 1 hour class
3. Weekend (Sat-sun) 40 minute class
4. Weekend (Sat-sun) 1 hour class

Each student has 4-5 classes per month depending on the calendar. Payments are collected in advance in the beginning of the month. No discounts are offered to students enrolling in the courses.